Balanced Diet For Health and Weight loss tips

There are some of the simple methods we can practically use to usher in a year of health and happiness
Weight loss tips


  1. Lighter dinners with soups , vegetable dalia , brown rice poha etc
  2. Drinking hot water through out the day
  3. Less cheese and heavy creams
  4. More of delicious healthy foods rather than pre packaged food , makki roti , sarson sag , til , gur , almonds , walnuts , carrot tomato beetroot juice , mixed vegetable soups , stuffed paratha made with minimal oil etc
  5. Better breakfast
  6. More of high fiber foods – oats , brown rice , dalia , dal with chilka
  7. Lots of green leafy vegetables in subzis
  8. Eating food with taste and not eating it so fast that one does not even experience the taste . Being attentive to taste while eating ( some people eat so fast that it seems they swallowed it whole )
  9. 2 minute pranayam and 5 rounds of suryanamaskar daily at a minimum
  10. More fruits daily



  1. Bring in more positivity in our lives – it could be by being in company of more cheerful and positive thinking people , it could mean more books which force us to introspect and bring a more deeper change within ourselves . It could be getting away from people , objects or habits which are bringing us down
  2.  Accepting our flaws with grace and stopping the blame game . Sometimes only the deepest portion of our subconscious mind is aware of the games we play , but the ego refuses to accept that it may not be healthy for us to indulge in such actions or behaviors
  3. Being accepting towards ourselves and being kind to oneself . Being aware and truthful about ones shortcomings does not give us the right to think negative or degrading thoughts about ourselves , it is very important to respect oneself and treat our mind and bodies to have value for our own self , which is also called self dignity
  4. Making small healthy changes which are sustainable . We make large promises to ourselves which even with the best of our intentions we can not logically achieve , so it is important to realize that the promises we make to ourselves should come from inner wisdom and not our egos
  5. Making eating a joyful activity and enjoying the food we eat , which means treating food as a way to nourish ones mind and body and not drown oneself in self pity
  6. Learning new skills or sharpening the existing skills , this could means both , the skills which give us personal relaxation or joy and the skills which help us grow professionally in the world
  7. Making sure we reward ourselves if we accomplish something of value in our personal and emotional growth
  8. Not cribbing , complaining all the time , constructive solutions rather than negative analysis
  9. Some silence , even if it is for a few minutes . Non stop chatter makes the intuitive capacity come down . Connecting with the deeper higher self is important if we want to reach success with happiness and not at the cost of happiness
  10. Respecting time . Money keeps fluctuating all our lives and even if we lose money we can gain it again , but it is very difficult to compensate for lost time . Time is a currency we waste so easily
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