Basic Principles of Healthy Eating

1 Eat regularly, but in moderation. Try to chew each mouthful of food at least 40 times. Chewing is really important for your digestion.

2 If you are planning the meals during the day, you should follow the rule: breakfast has to be big and dinner has to be a few hours before go to bed. According to Dr.OZ, a big breakfast is your weight loss ally.

3 Make sure that you are eating various food to get all the necessary nutrients for your body.

4 You can find a large amount of proteins in the milk, cheese, fish and eggs. Except protein, milk is also rich in many useful nutrients that you can’t find in other products. Drink 0.1 gal of milk every day.

5 Fats are full of calories and their excessive input in the organism can lead to excess pounds, which can cause distortion of the exchange of substances, heart disease and other circulatory problems. If you are not physically active enough, try to intake 75 grams of fat per day.


6 Consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day. They will provide the body enough vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances that are important for digestion.

7 Black bread produced from dark rye flour is healthier than the white flour.

8 When you preparing the meals, for the people who work, dinner should supplement the other meals, but for children and elderly people, this meal should be abundant.

9 If it is properly prepared, healthy food has a pleasant taste. So, the meal that contains a large amount of calories and fat, doesn’t mean that is healthier and more delicious.

10 When you are making a plan for your menu, make sure that the prices of the products are lower when are in a growing season. Proper nutrition is not always expensive.

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