Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Human back is made up of complex structures like muscles, ligaments, tissues, bones, disks. The spine is cushioned with soft cartilages. Issues with any of the above components, lead to back pain. Back pain might get so serious that it may call for surgery or even make you bed ridden. To avoid a critical condition, below are a few exercises will help you stay active and fight back pain.

Before starting to exercise, you need to first warm up by either a brisk walk or a light jog. Once the body is warmed up, you need to perform some static stretches. These stretches help to mobilize your back and joints.




For this, you need to lie on your back, fold your knees and pull it forward towards your chest. This helps to stretch your buttocks, back and hamstrings.

Cobra Stretch

This exercise works wonders, if done regularly for back pain. For this, you need to be on your stomach with your hands on two sides. Now slowly and steadily rise yourself, in way that you are stretching your upper body towards the sky. Ensure your lower body from the hip, is on the ground, while the upper body does the work.

Hip Stretch

For this exercise, you need your shoulder feet stretched wide apart. Then with the right foot, you need to take half a step back. Bend your left knee and try to move the weight to your right hip. Now keeping the right leg straightened, bend forward to reach the right leg, with a sharp stretch in the outer hip.

Piriformis Stretch

This stretch exercise gives a ample relaxation to the back. For this, you need to lie down on your back with both knees bent. Then cross over the legs, one on top of the other and pull the opposite knee towards your stretch. This will give a stretch on your hip portion. You need to hold this position for 20 seconds and then relax.

Heel Rise

You need to stand facing the wall, ensuring the weight is equal on both feet. Then slowly rise your heels up. Hold the position for about 10secs and then go down. Repeat this posture for 10 times


Aerobic exercises help reduce back pain to a great extent. Swimming, cycling, dancing are the best aerobic exercises

Partial Crunches

This exercise helps strengthening your back and stomach muscles. You must lie on your back with bent knees and flatten your feet on the mat. Put your hands below the neck. Slowly raise the shoulders off the ground and tightening your stomach muscles. Hold the posture and then slowly go down.

Yoga postures for back pain

You will find some yoga postures that can help strengthen your back and make it flexible. Lie on the floor and keep the hands apart. Now place the hand on the floor so that the finger tips face above your head. Bend the knees and place them on your right side. The toes should face downwards. Move your face on the opposite side of the knees. Hold the position for 10 counting and then come back to the normal position. Then do the same thing on the other side.



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