Why is fat piled up right there: 6 types of overweight and solution for each

In every human, the process of gaining kilograms is different and occurs for various reasons. If you have ever wondered why you have all the fat going in the stomach, buttocks, arms, chin, or the like, here’s the answer – there are 6 scientifically proven types of gaining weight, resulting from completely different reasons!




Find out what group of overweight you belong and how to finally get rid of this problem?

  1. Inactive overweight

For this type is specific the weight gain in the upper body – from the hips to the face. The cause is, other than the obvious – too many calories intake, sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement.

  1. Overweight associated with food

This type of gaining kilograms primarily shown around the waist, as a kind of a “float”. It is an indicator of excessive consumption of unhealthy foods – foods full of sugar, salt and fat.

  1. Overweight associated with depression

In the third type of overweighing, fat is first and foremost “caught” in the area of the lower abdomen to the knee – and to attack the legs and buttocks. According to experts, the most common cause is occasional overeating, but also anguish and depression. The body in such conditions becomes the “mode” and in these areas stored reserves. It is more common among women.

 4. Venous gaining weight

Venous circulation is one of the causes for overweight, which is essentially determined by genes less than lifestyle. When gathering of fat exclusively at the abdomen are, the genes play a major role – decreased blood flow through the area and slowing metabolism. This condition is worsen by smoking and enjoying alcohol, and exercise is the only solution.

  1. Atherogenic obesity

With this type of overweight or weight gain, the excess is received for the lower body – from the buttocks to the legs. The cause is genetic and also comes down to poor circulation and increases with lifestyle changes – not enough sleep, reducing movement. There may be swelling of the legs. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

  1. Gluten overweight

In this type of gaining weight, where fat is accumulated from the chest to the hips, and the back, the most common cause is a bad reaction to gluten. It is more common among women and occurs during periods of hormonal changes – from puberty and pregnancy to menopause. The most effective solution is getting more muscle strength exercises, which will lead to higher burning of calories.




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