Why Women Are Also Shaving Their Faces

Medically known as dermaplaning, we ask beauty expert Dr Amrapali Patil, what the benefits of facial shaving are.
What exactly is dermaplaning?
The process of shaving the face of a woman in a planned way in a professional dermatologist’s office is called as dermaplaning.What are the beauty benefits of shaving the face?
Shaving has been claimed by many to help regress their age. This results due to the removal of the topmost layer of dead skin cells from the skin which means, shaving exfoliates skin. The consequences are claimed to be a more youthful and tender skin. However, too much skin abrasion can actually result in thicker skin.

Who should avoid shaving their face?
People with eczematous skin lesions, people with inflammed, angry red weeping skin, those with dermatitis and undiagnosed skin lesions or bumps should check with their doctor first to get a go ahead for shaving the skin. Women with more facial hair may expect a thicker hairgrowth ( which perhaps they wish to avoid) once they start shaving their face. So I guess even such women should avoid shaving their faces. There are many other ways than shaving to exfoliate the skin and to make it more wrinkle free and youthful. Even home made or home based scrubs such as ‘ayurvedic ubtann’ can do wonders when it comes to exfoliating the skin.

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