Your Eyes Can Reveal Problems With Your Health

The eyes are a window to the soul. But they can also point to health problems you might not be aware of. Check if you have the following symptoms and find out more information about your body.

Bloody eyes

Bloody eyes usually cause worries. But the experts say, unless you feel pain or have a blurred vision, you probably don’t have a reason to worry. The sun,allergies, cold and dry air can cause capillaries to break and appear as red spots in the eyes.

Grey eyes

Do you feel tired after only a few book pages read? Does your sclera look unclear and grey? Do you have dark circles under your eyes? The blunt look and the swollen eyes can be a sign of tired eye muscles and bad circulation. An adequate amount of rest and the right diet will provide you with the necessary nutrients, like vitamin A, which can help your eyes get back to life.

Yellow eyes

Most of us know that the yellowness in the sclera can be a sign of liver problems. But, did you know that yellowish lids can be a sign of increased cholesterol? Have a good look at the lids-if you see any yellow spots, examine your cholesterol and check the state of your heart.

Bulging eyes

Unless the slightly bulging eyes are a family trait- they can mean abnormal activity of the thyroid gland, which causes the tissue to swell. If along with that you feel tiredness and a lost of weight, do not neglect this symptom.



Your Eyes Can Reveal Problems With Your Health

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